Zoccoli Misti unexpected winner of OPEN NK BEACH 2019

Although they have won the tournarnament many times already, and they were seeded third, the experienced players of Zoccoli Misti took the victory this year again and claim the title of Dutch Open National Champion Beach!!

Our congratulations go to Zoccoli Misti and our respect to the number 2 Yellow Car & the Lady Giraffe. Mayday became third.

2-7-2019 On friday you can get your spot on the camping from 15.30 hour. Our information is that the cantine will open at 19.00 hour on friday and saturday.
Due to a fire late last year there is an emergancy cantine operating now. No products that are backed in oil are allowed to be sold.

1-7-2019 What is the seeding of your team on HUT 2019? Check it out on this page.

1-7-2019 Have seen the party schedule for the Hargen Sail event already? See it here

17-6-2019 HUT is full. Yeah!! There are no spots left for HUT this year, sorry. If you register now, your team will be put on the list of reserves. No need to pay the teamfee immediately.
If a team withdraws themselves, we will contact the team that is first on the list of reserves.

Check out the teams that will participate on the Teams page.

21-5-2019 Only 1 spot left. So do not waist any more time to register your team!!

19-5-2019 In fact. We have 2 spots left for HUT

14-05-2019 We have only a few spots left. Subscribe your team fast!

13-5-05-2019 Also this year the winner of HUT will be granted the title of Open NK Beach!!

24-04-2019 Suddenly early this month our old website hosted by Crunch was dissolved. So we had to create a new website and are back online now. Yeah!!!

06-04-2019 See which teams have registered already on the Teams page.

24-03-2019 Registration is open.